Ride Like A Girl Spotlight - December 2021 - Michelle Corotan

#ridelikeagirl #letthewildin #racer #bmwGreetings Everyone, My name is Michelle Corotan and I am an Aneurysm survivor. A week after my first day at the race track, I was hospitalized for 21 days and spent a few months recovering before I resumed riding.

Professionally, my experience is in the food and beverage industry; specializing in management. Currently, I am studying to become a project management professional. As a musician, I play the piano and ukulele. I hope to be an inspiration to women who are striving to become iconic leaders in motorsports.

Q. Why did you start riding?

A: I began riding in 2014 because I didn't enjoy being a passenger twelve years ago and wanted to be in complete control of the machine.

Q. How long have you been riding?

A: Feeling lucky - More than seven years.

Q. How would you describe your riding style?

A: My riding style is a daily rider (no car, no problem), weekend canyon carver and monthly track junkie.

Q. What bikes have you had and which one is/was your fave and why?

A: First (in 2017) - 2008 Harley Davidson 883 Iron

Second - 2019 BMW R nineT Pure **

Third - 2021 BMW R nineT

**My 19' R nineT Pure was my favorite because I had several first experiences on it including: camping, track riding and photoshoots. Two months after surviving an aneurysm on July 27, 2019, I had the pleasure of riding with my Neurologist (who also owns a BMW). Unfortunately, my bike didn't survive after a lane splitting accident in January after a total of 40,500 miles. It was considered as my recovery machine.

                                         Photo: @caliphotovideo


Q. What experience/lesson stands out the most to you, as it relates to skill development on your bike?

A: The experience I've developed riding at the track is connecting and engaging with the instructors. With their guidance, it helped me refine and calibrate my skills as I attended more track days, gained more seat time and graduated into an intermediate level. With the lessons I've learned, I can apply the same concepts to daily riding and become a more assertive rider.

Q. What advice do you have for womxn who are interested in riding, but haven't started yet?

A: I strongly encourage women to take the CMSP course. The course is an opportunity to pursue motorcycling and will determine whether individuals can operate a motorcycle or not. Some motorcycle dealers offer their own course and provide a discount for new riders if they decide to purchase a bike after obtaining a M1 license.

Q. What has been your most exciting accomplishment on your bike?

A: The most exciting accomplishment I've achieved on my bike is screaming and laughing while taking a nosedive through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca.

Q. What motorcycle gear is your "go-to"?

A: Let The Wild In Moto Co - Daily Apparrel

Leather & Track Gear - Dainese Los Angeles

Jean Jacket - Gigi Montrose

Helmet(s) - Hedon & Arai

Daily Boot - Truman Boot Co from Butterscotch LBC

Jeans - Atwyld & Nudie Jean Co from Butterscotch LBC

                                           Photo: @nathanmay

Q. What would be your "dream bike" to own and why?

A: My dream bike would be the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure for cross-country and international expeditions. Included with my dream bike is to document epic trips so viewers can feel my journey.

Q. Who inspires you from the moto world and why?

A: Gevin Fax inspires me to hone in my skills as a rider, a musician and a wholehearted purveyor of peace.

She is a pioneer in the women's motorcycling world and I aspire to evolve into a trailblazer like her.

Q. How have motorcycles changed your life?

A: Motorcycles allowed me to embrace adrenaline, release dopamine and enhance my ability to live a more fulfilling life outside of work.

If you are interested in following Michelle, her IG handle is: @mchellesworld

Thanks so much, Michelle, for allowing us to interview you and share your story!

If you enjoyed our interview, check back in for our next Ride Like A Girl Spotlight, which will be posted in early January.




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