Ride Like A Girl Spotlight - October 2022 - Vanessa Love

Opening - My name is Vanessa Love. I’m a hairstylist and salon owner, a musician, and a motorcyclist. 
Why did you start riding?
- It’s actually a funny story. I was dating a guy and he was leaving the country. He told me he would give me his motorcycle. It was a little Honda Rebel 250. I took the motorcycle course and he gave me the bike. It was as simple as that. 
How long have you been riding?
- 3 and a half years now. 
How would you describe your riding style?
- I would say cautiously aggressive. 😂
What bikes have you had and which one is/was your fave and why?
- I have had a few. I started with the Rebel250, then my Harley Sportster 1200. I had a Kawasaki Versys, a Kawasaki Ninja250, and a Honda Goldwing. I sold the Versys but I still have the Goldwing and the Ninja.  I’d say my Harley is my favorite.
What experience/lesson stands out the most to you, as it relates to skill development on your bike?
- I would say the lesson that stands out most to me is looking through the turns. That’s saved my ass many times. You go where you turn your head. 
What advice do you have for womxn who are interested in riding, but haven't started yet?
- Take a motorcycle course! There is too much variation in family and friends teaching you and sometimes they will unknowingly teach you bad habits! Also make sure you always wear proper gear! You will beef it within your first year. It happens to everyone. 
What has been your most exciting accomplishment on your bike?
- I’d say all of the road trips I’ve taken! And going to Babes Ride Out as well as another time I went moto camping. Moto camping is so fun. 
What motorcycle gear is your "go-to"?
- My boots; I have the tall Harley ones. Also my helmet and gloves. Even if I don’t wear a lot of protective gear when it’s too hot out, it’s always tall boots, helmet and gloves. I will always wear jeans too but sometimes I admittedly don’t always wear Kevlar pants when it’s super hot out.
What would be your "dream bike" to own and why?
- I think probably a road glide only because of the capability to carry so much and be super comfy for long rides. Plus the fairing is nice. 
Who inspires you from the moto world and why?
- Oh gosh—so many people. I would say Shadetree Surgeon inspires me a lot. He’s just a goof ball and is always himself and goes on these epic adventures but he makes it hilarious. He has a great sense of humor. Her Two Wheels inspires me a lot, too. She was the first female rider I came across on Instagram and YouTube. I watched a lot of her videos. Becky aka “Axel”. She’s a badass and takes no shit from the misogynists in the community. She tells it like it is. Also my buddy Ricky Bobber—he’s on Instagram. He’s the kindest dude and so down to earth. He has always had my back and he is good to others. That’s the way it should be. We unite for the love of two wheels.
How have motorcycles changed your life?
- I have met so many amazing people because of motorcycles. I have gained so much confidence in myself and others. It’s helped my mental health vastly. I am so grateful for my motorcycle. He’s my therapy. The best there is. Just so much freedom.
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Thanks so much, Vanessa, for allowing us to interview you and share your story!

Our next interview will be out in early November. Til then, stay safe!!  

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  • Rob Bandoni

    This was so cool. Super siked you guys gave Nessa a spot light. She’s the best. Always so positive and and informative. Absolute sweet heart.

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