Ride Like A Girl Spotlight - August 2022 - Chelsea Brown


Hi! My name is Chelsea. I am a musician and a researcher. My brain thrives in the spaces between the scientific and artistic. It makes sense that I have done research on using music in hospitals.  

Why did you start riding?

I started riding after I stopped competing in bicycle races. My need for two wheels continued even after a couple bicycle crashes and subsequent retirement from racing. My best friend asked me, “Do you want to take the motorcycle safety course?” and we signed up for the class that same day.   

How long have you been riding?

I got my first motorcycle in 2019 - it’s been fun in the sun ever since. 

How would you describe your riding style?

Cafe Racer. Race you to the next cafe!       

What bikes have you had and which one is/was your fave and why?

My first bike was a kickstart Yamaha SR500 - her name was Juliette. 

Then I got a Triumph Bonneville T120 - her name had to be Romeo for obvious reasons. 


What experience/lesson stands out the most to you, as it relates to skill development on your bike?

Riding to Baja, Mexico in the rain was a learning experience that solidified my confidence as a rider. I bought all the rain gear the week of the trip and was slightly concerned about the torrential downpour that was forecast. It turned out to be a fun adventure and it turns out rain gear is worth EVERY penny. Not a piece of me got wet despite riding waves of big rig splashes and a couple potholes. 

What advice do you have for womxn who are interested in riding, but haven't started yet?

Just take the Nike slogan to heart. You’ll never regret it. 

What has been your most exciting accomplishment on your bike?

Kickstarting Juliette (My SR500) on cold coastal mornings in order to ride to work every day.     

What motorcycle gear is your "go-to"?

Ooooh this is the hardest question. I love gear. I budgeted an extra $1,000 when I bought my first bike to buy the proper gear. Here’s two of my faves: 

  1. Let the Wild In beanie for cold mornings / camping 
  2. Stellar Moto’s Zenith dyneema coveralls for summer to winter riding in a stylish way 

What would be your "dream bike" to own and why?

I want to get a Dyna. There are so many fun mods you can do, and they can be so beautiful with a lot of chrome. I’d love to ride it across the U.S.A.  


Who inspires you from the moto world and why?

Ananda seriously knows motorcycles and cars and she is always down to ride with me. She inspires me with her in-depth knowledge and passion for the ride.  

How have motorcycles changed your life?

They gave me wings when I had sunk into slump after a painful experience in my life. Motorcycles saved my life and gave me something to live for. 


If you are interested in following Chelsea, her IG handle is: @chelseasummerb

Thanks so much, Chelsea, for allowing us to interview you and share your story!

For our September interview, we will be speaking with a female rider from Texas. Look for that in early September.




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